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How to apply for membership


We would like to know some information about yourself.

  • Complete the application form.

  • Send your up-to-date curriculum vitae and motivation letter to the following email address:  Movitvation letter should be half page in length.


You will receive an email in which you will be asked to prepare a debate on a given topic. Besides that you will be asked to come over for an interview with the board in which they will ask you some general questions about your motivation, about the United Nations and your opinion about current topics.

Some advices for the group debate:

  • Be prepared (make a pre-study of the assigned topic)

  • Answer well-structured

  • Give arguments for every statement

  • Be solution-oriented

  • Don’t be afraid to take the floor

This round will give us a better insight of your debating and research skills, your persuasiveness and your understanding of several topics which have an important value on the international forum . Remember that KULBRUXMUN provides learning opportunities to train these skills so don’t be afraid! We are looking for motivated people who have an interest in debating and international affairs and last but not least people who want to have fun!


Within a week after the application session you will receive an email with the final decision on your candidacy.

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