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Experiences of members/alumni

Alexandre El Adm,

former General secretary 


Elise Mariman


 Klaas Francken,

former president


I’ve been in KULBRUXMUN since my first year of university, one as a delegate, two as vice-president, and one as president. It was an overall great experience. KULBRUXMUN is an organization, that transcends differences, in these times of egoism, nationalism, indifference, and fear, by showing people of various nationalities and cultures, that words can still be stronger than swords. 


I participated in quite a few international conferences. Besides always having a good time, I learned that procedural rules are extremely important and can only really be learned by practice. Since I’m studying and now also practicing law, that way of thinking procedurally is an extremely valuable asset. 


I believe the skills I developed during my time with KULBRUXMUN are and will continue to be real contributions to my professional career in even more ways than I expected at the start. The main objective of Model UN delegates is to solve global problems, and almost every problem includes a complex set of political, economic, humanitarian, and security issues related to it. By tackling these problems complex problem solving, critical thinking and research skills are of vital importance. The weekly training, tackling that type of problem, helped me to conceptualize issues and analyze different facts as well as policies related to them. Related to the field of law the negotiation skills and international (law) perspectives are only going to be more important in the future. That's why I recommend KULBRUXMUN to every student with an interest in our contemporary world and in particular to students with a (starting) passion for law.

Rebecca De Laet


I loved my experience at kulbruxmun because as a delegate, you are surrounded by people from all over the world with a common passion. Everyone is shaped by their upbringing and surroundings, so the debates were heated because members would bring arguments to the table that I personally never considered. I learnt a lot about diplomacy, which is also the career I'm working towards with my studies. I feel like kulbruxmun is not only a socially and personally eye-opening experience but also an asset in your future career.

Sergej Junior Milosevski


The best memories from MUN are the small talks that we would have with eachother before a start of our sessions. It was truly a family like feeling!

Andrés Charry


The first time I went to a MUN conference I was 13 years old, since then, my life has completely changed. MUN has allowed me to gain knowledge, improve my public speaking skills, meet wonderful people, break stereotypes and most importantly, to realise that  we need to embrace our differences in order to build a stronger community. 

I joined KULBRUXMUN one year ago as a first year BBA student. It has been an amazing journey. Not only participating in many events which give you experience and allow you to create a network but also getting to know and debate with incredible people from all over the world. KULBRUXMUN is a family and I am more than happy to be part of it. 

I invite everyone to participate because this once in a lifetime experience is too good to be missed. 

See you next semester!

I am eternally grateful for what MUN has offered me in the last few years, in particular my experience with the KULBRUXMUN team. From public speaking improvements to policy analysis, both my soft and hard skills have significantly improved and have aided me in understanding what I want to do with my career. In the KULBRUXMUN club we learn to cooperate with team members to come to a more diplomatic stance on pressing global issues that are prevalent in today’s society. It’s very hands on and it has allowed me to work better with others as a team through negotiation. This was crucial for me as I always wanted things to go my way. Such an MUN experience is humbling as a result. It teaches you to listen to the opinions and the requests of others. You will realise that not only your point of view is valid, but that if others too. I am glad I got to make amazing friends from the club, we’ve been on trips abroad to Lisbon, Portugal for example. Trips like these helped us bond as a multicultural group with students from many different nationalities - it’s really eye opening and helps you develop as a person! Conferences abroad also pushed us to get out of our comfort zone - debating with strangers and also dancing with them .

My name is Elise; I joined KULBRUXMUN in 2017 when I was in my second year of university. I applied to be a delegate because I like discussing international topics and networking. Next to this, I considered this as a perfect opportunity to enhance my English debating and writing skills. The possibility to attend conferences worldwide, thereby meeting different nationalities, is in particular a plus. 


Next to the educational component, MUN a fun experience to meet new people and attend events at exceptional places (even abroad)!  


In 2017 I participated in the Oxford International Model United Nations Conference organized by Oxford University. I represented Egypt in the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Committee). I learned about international human rights and various international problems. At night time, different social events were organized; a memory that still appeals to my imagination is the ball at the Ashmolean Museum.


In general, MUN has contributed to my English public speaking and writing skills. It teaches you how to formulate your opinion and speak/write convincingly to others. Since I study law, it has also strengthened my interest in international law. 

Due to the variety of subjects, any student with any academic background can, in my opinion, be a contribution to the team!

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